Bring An Inflatable Hot Tub To The Party

Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs? Come on why wouldn’t you want one of these bad boys for a party? They are great for parties as you can have your very own pool or spa setup within minutes wherever you want. A lot of festivals don’t have the budget or facilities to host and maintain a Jacuzzi for everyone who wants to relax in one. Purchasing an inflatable one is much more cost effective for everyone, and ensures that everyone can relax in one of these spas. You could easily buy three or four of these portable tubs for the price of one, static tub or spa.

Usually these pools require a lot of upkeep and maintenance, costing a lot of money and time, this can be multiplied greatly by the fact that one would be used by so many people at one of these festivals. In fact, most festivals have done away with your traditional hot tubs and ask rely solely on people bring an inflatable one to the celebrations. There are however some guidelines to bringing one. Some of the festivals ask that you check out best buyer guides for inflatable hot tubs to ensure that you bring one suitable for use by everyone there. There are lots of reviews around online for these tubs and you can easily find all the information you need on them.

There are different sizes that can be considered when purchasing one, I think the general consensus is that the bigger the size, the more suitable it is considered for a festival. The standard size of one is usually 2-4 people, but they can go up to as much as 8 people at one time. Just make sure you check the sizes and dimensions of tubs and confirm with the organizer that you have the green light to bring and assemble it.

Hose for A Pool

If you do decide to bring one of these pools with you to one of the events, then you are responsible for looking after it. The festival takes no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your tub, and you have to assemble, de-assemble and clean it yourself. That’s one of the advantages to these things though, cleaning them is so much easier than having to clean out your traditional pool. All you have to do is take a hose to it with some soapy water and bob’s your uncle.

You can also purchase some additional things to help main the portable spas, such as water filters etc. There may be some sort of regulatory checks that are done by the festival admins to ensure that your pool meets health and safety guidelines, as ultimately the organizers are the people that are in charge of everyone’s health and safety.

Hot tubs and spas can have health benefits to them as well. You see a lot of sports athletes relaxing in cold water pools to relieve and relax any muscle fatigue they have. Relaxing in a cold pool can have the same benefits on the muscles are having several weeks rest, this is especially important to professional sports athletes who sometimes have a quick succession of games coming up.

Anyway, we hope that we’ve peaked your interest in the inflatable hot tub world and do consider one for your next festival. If you do decide to take our advice and purchase one that you take with you, then let us know how you get on with it, we want to hear from you!