Movies to watch while travelling

Travelling is one of the things that can be most interesting or can be most boring. It is up to the person who is travelling and also on the kind of journey you are on. If you are a lover of travelling then every journey is a new experience for you. But if you are not that much of a traveler then travelling can be quite boring. So now what to do to make your journey interesting? The answer is movies.


Movies are the ultimate entertainment. They are the form of entertainment that can entertain any type of person because of various genres of films. If you love serious movies then there are many options for you, if you love comedy ones then there are options for you, if you desire to watch a romantic film then there are many options for you and much more.

The awesome part of this entertainment is that all you need is a movie app. These app make available any latest movie or episode for you. Apps like Megabox HD are popular because it saves time for you to search and stream movies for you. All you need an app like this and travelling is fun for you.

Best Movies to watch when you are travelling

While travelling you need a movie that will keep you attention towards it. The movie should be so entertaining that you cannot draw your attention away from it and when it is over you have reached your destination. So there are different movies for different people –

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

This is one of the latest releases. This movie involves fiction and magic. This movie is for people who loved the Harry Potter series as this story is also by J.K. Rowling. The story is thrilling and adventurous and will keep you captivated till the end.

Finding Dory

This is the second part of Finding Nemo. This film is animated and full of comedy. The story is very entertaining and is for all age groups. You can play this movie for your kids to keep them busy during the journey.

The Jungle Book

It is a classic movie while traveling with kids. The story of this film is based on a boy who gets lost in a jungle when his parents die. How he grows up and faces the modern world? Jungle Book has been a story read by all but this movie takes the imagination to a whole other level.

The Conjuring 2

It is a movie for those who love to watch horror movies while traveling. Its first part was also a major hit and second part also keeps up the reputation. An amazing story that will keep your heart pumping till the end. Will the evil win this time? You will have to watch and find out.

The Wild

This movie is on travelling and exploring. The story revolves around a guy who goes on a search to find himself. This is a very beautiful movie and teaches all a lesson. The movie is based on a serious genre.

Final Say

All of these movies guarantee a complete package of entertainment throughout your journey. Now you must be thinking where can you get all these movies and without any hustle? It is very simple. Just get a movies app like MovieBox For PC. You get access not only these movies but also many trending movies and also latest TV episodes. You do not have to surf the internet for quality movies as the app provides movie in HD.